"Give it everything you've got, and then a little more."   -Rachel's Grandfather

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Thank you for wanting to know more about me, and to be considering me to photograph your wedding or portrait, I know it's a big decision! 

I'm a traveling wedding photographer currently living in Vancouver, Washington; just outside of Portland, Oregon. 

I specialize in being an adventurous outdoor wedding photographer.  I also love documenting wedding elopements and love stories in general.  I take a limited number of weddings a year to give my full self and attention to you. 





For me, traveling and exploring is like breathing; I simply can't stay in one place for too long.  I've been lucky enough to have photographed amazing weddings on the west coast, east coast, mid west and internationally.  

I'm always looking for new destination weddings to capture,  and love weddings that are in the mountains, on the coast, or in the forest. 

Photographing in a new area is so exciting for me and I do my best work in the heat of that excitement! 



I'm a great fit if you're looking for a photographer with a creative eye, an adventurous spirit, and an undeniable passion for telling your story as beautifully as it genuinely is.

I truly believe my role goes beyond photographer. -- I'm a storyteller, and I'll more than likely become a friend.  Let's meet up for coffee or happy hour and see if I'm a good fit to tell your love story for you and generations to come. 

All I want in this world, is to make a difference. Know that I’ll give you everything I’ve got ...plus a little more.
— Rachel